Leicester Botanic Gardens Competition

Founded in 1921 with the assistance of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society, the University of Leicester Botanic Garden was established on its present site in Oadby in 1947. It comprises the grounds of four houses: Beaumont, Southmeade, The Knoll and Hastings, which were built early this century and are now used as student residences.

Sculpture in the Garden 2012: 'Interesting Times'

This year's exhibition, entitled 'Interesting Times', is curated by Almuth Tebbenhoff, and features 16 sculptors including such notable names in the art world as Nick Turvey, David Worthington, Sean Henry, Ann Christopher, Katherine Gili and Mary Bourne.

The Winner is ....
Just a drop by Joy Congratulations
In Second Place ....

Grey Sky Thinking by Jean

A Drop of Golden Dew by Clive

What's the Point by Phil

Twisted & Taught Titanium by Clive

Spider Jewels by Phil


Smile Please by Caroline Q

Girl in Red by Sue

Grey Sky Thinking by Jean

Feet First by Jean

Just Landed by Joy

Monkey Puzzle by Kev